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WVA Parking Lot Safety Rules


Dear Parents/Guardians:

The West Village Academy staff wants to express how thankful we are for opportunity to educate your children.  We are also committed to the safety and security of your children.  In an attempt to increase student safety we want to revisit the procedures that currently are in place for the operation of our parking lot.

We thank you for your continued support and cooperation in the adoption of the following rules necessary for operating safely in West Village Academy’s parking lots.

Parking Lot Rules

*Children should be dropped no earlier than 7:30am. West Village staff members are not available for supervision prior to this time.
*Students should be dropped-off at the Child Drop-Off Area only
(In front of the building). That is at the base of the walkway that leads into the building.
*Children should get out of the vehicle on the side facing the school.
*Students should never be allowed to walk through the parking lot without an adult escort.
*You should escort your children to the path if you are not dropping them at the Child Drop-Off Area.
*Please do not leave your car unattended in the line of traffic to walk your child to the building. This causes unnecessary backups for other parents/ guardians.
*If you wish to escort your child to the building, please park your vehicle in a parking space.
*Please do not pass another car in the line.
*Please do not park your vehicle in a non-designated parking space or near the side of the school, or next to the orange traffic cones.

Thank you for helping us to keep our children safe.


WVA Parking Lot Safety Rules